July 18, 2016.    Summer hours begin July 13 and run through August 14, Wednesday thru Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Closed on Monday and Tuesday thru the period.     Our next open dates are July 20 to July 24!  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to be very warm with high humidity.  Great condition for daylily bloom, but not so good for people.  Please be willing to spend time looking and waiting for your orders to be dug as conditions will warrant rather slow movement and we will be busy!  We look forward to seeing you over the next couple of weeks.  Peak daylily bloom will be in progress over the next couple of weeks and there are many, many fine plants to shop for and view.  If you were planning a trip today and have decided against it, we hope to see you in coming weeks!

If you are visiting our area this spring and summer, you may want lodging near our farm. We encourage you to consider Cobblestone Inn and Suites in Brillion.  Cobblestone Inn and Suites is 6 miles from our farm and is a newer inexpensive facility that should meet most visitors needs.  For more information use the link provided.



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