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 Hemerocallis (daylily) Catalog... 'U'
Cultivar catalog pages...
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Please note:  We will ship double fans or better, even if designated as single fans, if available at digging time.  Daylilies are lined out as single fans in mid-August and are often double or triple fan plants by the following spring.  Shipping can begin as early as May 15.
$16.00 Double Fan
Uncle Fester.  Bremer.  2011.  Dormant.  Diploid.  28"-8".  3-4 long branches.   Nice spidery UF that twists and pinches with very narrow segments.  Flower is a violet-purple color that is very consistent.  'Fester' is a profuse bloomer that covers clump in curly flowers. Scapes are rather thin and have long lateral branches.  Increase is rapid.  Very nice in a clump.  (Intrepid Patriot x Holly Dancer) x Northwind Dancer. 
$18.00 Single Fan
*Unconditionally Peach.  Klehm.  2009.  Dormant.  33"-6".  4 branches.  25 buds. M.  Peach self above a deep orange-pink throat.  Very nice.
$40.00 Double Fan
*Unforecasted Original.  Bremer.  2014.  Dormant.  26"-7.  3 branches.  17 buds.  M.  Huge flat flowers of grayed lavender with a eye and band around petal edges.  The violet band is then followed by cream and gold edges.  Yellow then green throat.  Hybridized by one of our good friends from plants in our garden.  (Lake Effect x unknown). 
$16.00 Single Fan
*Untangle My Emotions.  Bremer.  2008.  Dormant. 24"-5".  4 branches.  28 buds.  M.  Violet-mulberry with large chalky eyezone, petals and sepals carry a silver-white bubbled edge.  Well branched and budded scapes, plants are good increasers and have excellent blue-green foliage, color is unique, flowers are fancy and ornate, easy pod and pollen, productive parent, hardy in the open field without winter protection (no mulch), productive after difficult winter conditions.  Parents: (Bela Lugosi x Cruising For A Bruising ) x Cosmic Thunder.
$6.75 Double Fan
*Utopia or Oblivian.  Hanson.  1999.  Dormant.  26"-5.5".  3-4 branches.  26 buds.  M.  Deep purple with yellow-green throat.  Excellent round flower with great ruffling. 
$6.75 Double Fan
*Utopian Irrelevance.  Hanson.  2000.  Dormant.  36"-6.5".  3 branches.  23 buds.  Mauve violet blend with rose watermark and green throat.  Very good plant habits.

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