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2017 Hemerocallis Introductions
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Daylilies are no longer being shipped in 2017, but are available at the farm during our summer digging season (July 5 to August 13;  open Wednesday thru Sunday, 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.; Closed Mondays and Tuesdays through the period).  Come join us for a visit!
Sold Out
$100.00 Single Fan only
*Cold and Clear.  Bremer. 2017.  Dormant.  29" height.  5.5" flowers.  L.  3 branches.  22 buds.  ((Smoke'm Out x Saracenia) x Forty Fourth Parallel).  Gorgeous pie crust ruffled flower of lavender-violet with a deeper lavender purple eye.  Petals have a consistent lavender-purple edge that runs throughout the ruffled edges.  Yellow then green throat.  Flowers can be somewhat darker than the image in certain weather conditions, but is always a good clean color.  Branching is to the top, but buds open well and are presented to the viewer.  Has shown good sun resistance, which is unusual for a flower of this color.  Superior.  fertile both ways.  Good deep green foliage. 
Sold Out
$100.00 Single Fan only
*Earth Spirit.  Bremer.  2017.  Dormant.  32" height.  5.5" flowers.  L.  4-5  branches.  26 buds.  (Fallen Leaves x Smoke'm Out).  A deep plum flower with a chalky-lavender eye and edge.  Petals are lightly ruffled.  Throat is light green.  Earth Spirit has wonderful long laterals branches that carry and present the many buds well.  A very showy flower that attracted a great deal of attention in the display bed the past few years.  Very good sun resistance during its August bloom time in Wisconsin.  Nice deep green narrow foliage.  Fallen leaves is responsible for Earth Spirit's beautifully branched scapes and rather narrow foliage.  Fertile both ways. 
$50.00 Double Fan
*Notes From the Sky. Bremer. 2017.  Dormant.  25" height.  7" flower.  3 branches.  22 buds.  ML. Fragrant.  (Reckamp Seedling 99C x Great White).  Cream to light yellow flower depending on conditions.  Sometimes flushed with light pink.  Dark anthers are attractive against the uniform color of the flower.  Plants have deep green foliage and have average increase.  Flowers are very large and showy, carried at an angle that faces the viewer.  This plant has been sold at the farm prior to registration and has been incredibly popular.  (F5 Reckamp Seedling x Great White).  Fertile both ways.  Was garden named 'Big Sky' for many years, but this name was used in 2015 for another cultivar.
Sold Out
$80.00 Single Fans Only
*Shrimp on the Barbie.  Bremer. 2017.  Dormant.  36" height.  6" flowers.  3-4 branches.  22 buds.  ML.  Double/Single.  Double 75% of the time.  Flowers are medium bright shrimp-orange (like shrimp cooked on the barbeque) with yellow petal edges.  Green throat.  A large yellow throat expands on to both petals and sepals.  Foliage is dark green.  Green throat.  (Passion's Promise x Honey on My Lips).  A gorgeous plant in a clump.
Sold Out  
$150.00 Single Fan only
*Weasel Dreams.  Bremer.  2017.  Dormant.  27" height. 5.5" flowers.  ML.  3-4 branches.  22 buds. (Weasel Teeth x ( Love for Jesus x Something in My Teeth)).   Flowers have a rosey-maroon eye and edge. Petals are ruffled and have a consistent toothy edge.  The ruffles and teeth are rosey-maroon with fine wire of gold.  Nice green throat.  A consistent bloomer that doesn't seem to need special conditions to show its stuff.  A slower increaser for us, but acceptable.  Fertile both ways.  Weasel Dreams was one of the most photographed flowers in our propagation field the past couple of years and is nearly sold out before registration. 
$75.00 Double Fan
Whole Lotta Love.  Bremer. 2017.  Dormant.  28" height.  5" flowers. ML.  4 branches.  26 buds.  (Virtuosity x (Cold Shoulder x Truly Angelic)).  Lots of Reckamp lineage in this new hybrid.  Flowers are bright pink with a nice deep pink eyezone.  Petals have a small pink edge.  Throat is yellow then green.  The rounded flowers are display well on long laterals and often have a number of flowers open at one time per scape.  Excellent and quite showy.  Fertile both ways.
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