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Other Plant Offerings
Clematis | Cactus
2017 offerings are no longer available.  Please come back in 2018 for our new selections.
Clematis...The clematis we offer are hardy tested cultivars that have proven themselves to be reliable in Northeast Wisconsin.  Our offerings are for 2 year old heavily rooted plants that are sent bare root.  Clematis should be planted immediately upon arrival to insure success.  Clematis should be planted deeply, bury stems 3 to 4 inches for best results.  Deep planting insures that the crown of the plant is protected from damage that may occur at the surface and promotes better rooting.  Clematis should be planted in a location in which the soil can be kept evenly moist and cool.  Clematis resent wet, or hot and dry locations.  Please note that there are many different plant habits that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden or landscape.  Shipped early May through August or available at the farm during digging season.

Cactus...Shipped bareroot.  These are easily hardy through zone 4 and have no particular soil needs, other than they do not want to be wet.  Hot sunny locations are excellent.  Shipped early May through September.
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