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Solaris Farms Product Size
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Herbaceous Peony Roots...
Peonies are harvested in the fall of the year and this is the only time that we ship.  The roots we send are divisions from larger plants that are dug and divided. Our divisions have 3 to 5 eyes with a root system that will support healthy growth the following year.  Some peony cultivars do not yield 3 to 5 eye divisions, this is not unusual with some of the hybrids and species which produce irregular crowns.  In any event they will be healthy adult size divisions that will prosper in your garden.  Our root divisions are typical or better than what other peony specialists offer.  The major concern we have is a healthy division that will establish and be productive in your garden, not large size (which means little with herbaceous peonies). We do not sell micro-propagated plants, only originators stock.  All Paeonia must be ordered using our online shopping cart due to inventory control. October delivery only.

Intersectional (Itoh) Peony Roots...
Intersectional peony roots, like their herbaceous relatives, are harvested in the fall and are only shipped at this time.  Again, only originators stock is sold by Solaris Farms; no micro-propagated plants!  Intersectional divisions can be quite far ranging in size and configuration.  Because of their rather unusual pedigree (herbaceous x woody), the root structure is a combination of woody and herbaceous tissue.  The divisions we sell are from larger clumps that are divided.  Division often requires that we saw plants into pieces.  All growers do this and the plants respond quite well to this type of treatment.  Most stem tissue is cut away, leaving only root and colorful eyes. You can expect 3 to 5 eyes or more on a supporting healthy root.  All Paeonia must be ordered using our online shopping cart due to inventory control. October delivery only.

Woody (tree/shrub) Peony...
Solaris Farms sells three year old grafted plants and divisions originating from older plants.  The grafted plants will
, in all likelihood have grown some woody peony roots, but may require more time to do so.  If a grafted plant has grown an acceptable amount of their own roots, we will remove the nurse root or trim it back before shipping.   Three year grafted peonies are young enough to have a youthful vigor and old enough to bloom within a year or two.  Divisions will be on their own roots and behave much the same way as three year old grafts do.  In most instances the woody stems are trimmed back heavily at the time of digging for shipment (those pictured require a bit more stem removal).   Most of a woody tree peony's energy lies within its crown and root system, by removing stems the plant more easily transplants. After planting in the garden, plants readily grow new roots and produce commensurate stem growth the following year.  Without removal of the stems, plants often flounder for a number of years and are less productive.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by their performance.  This practice is used on all of our own transplants and is the only way we will ship them.  All Paeonia must be ordered using our online shopping cart due to inventory control. Late September through mid October delivery only.

Daylily plants are sold either as single fan or double fan plants online (at left is a double fan plant).  We often send more fans at no extra charge when suitable plants are available, but cannot guarantee more.  Online orders are dug in the spring, almost always after May 15 due to our late arriving warm up.  While many gardeners would like their plants earlier, we cannot ship earlier and promise a good product.  Plants coming from Solaris Farms are always smaller in appearance during early spring shipment because of the short growing season they've experienced.  In other words, they are not as advanced as the plants of a more southerly located grower in the same season.  The plants have healthy root systems and are of blooming size.  Spring ordered plants will not have scapes formed yet, allowing you to enjoy the flowers during their first year of planting.  We ship daylilies until mid August, but not later due to a very busy propagation schedule. 
Visitors to the farm often receive larger plants during our digging season.  Since mailing weight is not an issue for farm visitors that take their plants home, we are glad to supply larger plants when available.  Plan a shopping trip during the summer months to Solaris Farms-you won't be disappointed.

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