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All Paeonia must be ordered using our online shopping cart due to inventory control. Late September to mid October delivery only. All peonies listed on these pages are freshly dug and harvested in the autumn of the year.  October is the proper planting time for peonies in most of the northern tier of the United States.

Daylilies are shipped bare root as early as May 15 (if spring weather conditions permit) through August 15. 

Four Divisions/1 each $125.00
Intersectional (Itoh) Peony Hybrid Quad...Includes 'Viking Full Moon', 'Pastel Splendor', 'First Arrival' and 'Old Rose Dandy'.  These four great cultivars that have performed very well in Wisconsin.  All plants produce beautiful flowers and have exemplary foliage.  For more information on each cultivar visit our Intersectional Peony Catalog.  That's $31.25/division.  Shipped in October only.
3 Divisions $105.00
3 Intersectional Peony Hybrid First Arrival.  Three divisions of this outstanding plant.  Anderson.  1986.  Large medium lavender semi-double flowers carried on strong stems. Deep green foliage that lasts throughout the season make this a good landscape plant.  A fast grower and gorgeous in a clump.  First Arrival was the first intersectional to bloom in 1984 for Roger Anderson.  Still one of the best.  Week 5 bloom time.  No fertility noted.  (Martha W x Reath woody hybrid).  Shipped in October only.

3 Divisions $90.00
3 Intersectional Peony Hybrid Pastel Splendor.  Three divisions of this outstanding plant.  Anderson/Seidl.  1996.  Single flowers of cream are overlaid with soft lavender-pink.  Dark basal flares.  The entire flower is very circular.  Extremely vigorous plants present flowers well over nice dark green foliage.  Forms beautiful round mounded shrubs.  Week 5 bloom time.  No fertility noted.  (Martha W x Saunders F2-A).  Shipped in October only.
3 Divisions $120.00
Bartzella x3.  Anderson.  1986.  ALM. Full formed yellow flowers on large plants.  Easily grown and is an excellent landscape plant for foliage after bloom. Bartzella has now been around for awhile and many new yellow intersectionals have made their way to the market. Still, Bartzella is clearly the best yellow peony.  Week 6 bloom time.  Seldom produces seed.  (white lactiflora x Reath woody hybrid).  Shipped in October only.

3 Divisions $105.00
Viking Full Moon x 3 Pehrson/Seidl.  1989.  Single flowers are are mostly cream blended with light hints of yellow and pink and light red flares. Long stems carry 1-3 side  buds.   Petals are lightly ruffled and notched.  Stamens are light red, stigmas and sheath are cream.  Stems bend to display flowers all around the plants, but do not lay on the ground. Foliage is dark green and very attractive.  An unusual I-hybrid that will not be confused with others. Some plants have shown lavender mutations (attractive, but not for sale at this time).  30" plant height.  Week 5-6 bloom time.  No fertility noted.  Unknown parentage.  Shipped in October only.

3 Select Divisions for $105.00
3 Woody Paeonia 'Boreas'...Three super nice 'Select' size plants. 'Boreas' is a vigorous Daphnis hybrid that produces large red flowers.  The plant has excellent foliage that makes a good looking shrub out of flower.  That's $35.00/plant.  Shipped in late September to mid October only.
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